Our Products

The most of the farms of our members have been handled through a natural farming using NO fertilizers and NO herbicides. Cocoa farms of each member have the necessary for fermentation and drying in their production structures.

We also have a small center to aid fermentation to our members producers that do not have the necessary facilities.

With the integration into the international market through the production of organic cocoa, APROCACI has untill this date a more than 15000 tareas(625 mts2 each) certified as organic , equivalent to more than 1214.02 hectares. The average amounts of the organic production goes up to 940 metric tons. The association has a total of 20.000 tareas(625 mts2 each) and a total production of 3,640 metric tons of cocoa.

APROCACI produces various kinds of cocoa:

Sanchez Cocoa

Once harvested, we dry the cocoa seed directly without any special treatment.

Hispaniola Cocoa

Cocoa seed undergoes a fermentation process for a grain of higher quality in terms of color , fragance and flavor. It is produced on farms managed naturally.